My story is no different.

As a child and teen, I experienced trauma, grief and hardships that shaped the woman I became. Adulthood presented its own twists and turns.

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The unresolved pain that came as a result of these various chapters influenced my life, my relationships and my self-worth in detrimental ways.


The choice to change, to pursue healing and growth, required courage that sometimes I wasn't even sure I possessed. The process was slow. So often I wanted things to move faster. I learned I could not control the pace of my healing or growth, but I could decide whether or not to keep going.


Through my persistence I experienced profound moments of awareness that opened doors to more expansive growth than I had ever imagined possible.


Along the way, I discovered not the woman I thought I should be or who others wanted me to be. But instead, a strong yet vulnerable woman ready to start her life anew.


I am still on this journey. I am still learning. I am still growing. And it is still hard. But I also know the process and journey is worth the effort. As I continue in my own journey, I do so now with a deeper sense of courage, grace, and self-compassion. 

In 2018 I published an article about my own experience as I journeyed through divorce, grief, and loss. In it I share things I learned along the way, as well as aspects of my own healing process.


You can read that article here.

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