Emotional Wellness

I help others discover, or sometimes rediscover, a sense of emotional wellness and wellbeing in their lives.


My definition of emotional wellness is the ability to live, function and thrive in one's own life from a place of deeply rooted and stable self-awareness, self-compassion, courage, and grace. It's a place where we are not reacting to life, but rather we are responding to it, and finding joy in the process.


Depending on a client's history and life experience, our work together may include an element of trauma recovery work. We must heal and recover from the experiences in our lives that have impacted us in order to move forward.


Other times the focus of our work may be on deepening and strengthening an existing sense of emotional wellness and wellbeing. Life is a journey! There is always room and opportunity to grow and become a deeper, truer version of ourselves.

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I believe that no matter our past story or experience in life, each of us is capable of leading meaningful lives.

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Regardless of where a client is on their journey in life, I approach my work with them through a healing-centered lens. When I sit with a client, I see someone who is already whole. My primary role is to help you see yourself through your own healing-centered lens, and to discover the potential for healing, growth and change that already exists within in you.

It's there. Sometimes we just need someone to help us find it.

In our work together, I support you as you learn to see and honor yourself in mindful and healthy ways and begin to gain your life back from experiences that have affected you.


Together we notice and address patterns, reactions, and ways of being (or parts of yourself) that have stemmed from trauma or other painful and challenging experiences in life. Often there was a time in life these patterns, reactions and parts of yourself protected you and kept you safe; perhaps even made you successful; but now no longer serve you.

As we notice and become more aware of how these things show up in your life, we work together to gather tools, education, and understanding to restore a healthful stability in your life that facilitates a reconnection with yourself on the deepest levels. 

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