What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

In many ways the two are interchangeable. The phrase "separate but equal" has been used to describe these two closely related fields. I find clients tend to gravitate towards one or the other based on their own sense of comfort, familiarity and need. In my own journey I have worked with both. I did not get into this work to fix people. I got into this work because I needed these things for myself. I still do.

The primary difference between a therapist and myself is that a therapist will diagnose and treat, whereas I do not. I also do not prescribe medications, nor does our journey together constitute a treatment plan. Therapists often follow a clinical or medical model during the course of your treatment. I follow a support model and accompany you on your journey. 

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In coaching, our relationship is built on a foundation of equality.

One where you are responsible for your growth and transformation, and I am here to walk alongside you and provide a courageous space where we gently explore the things that are holding you back in life.

Often this involves acknowledging how past experiences, traumas, and emotions have influenced your life, and perhaps continue to do so.


Most importantly in our work together, we continually bring your awareness back to the present moment where you are safe, supported and seen. Together we also work to create realistic and sustainable goals that are aligned with your desired outcome and vision for the future. During our work we revisit these goals and make adjustments as often as needed.