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Your body holds the keys to healing 🔑

Sometimes things happen in life that we don't plan or expect. Even though I know this, when something unexpected happens, it can still knock the breath out of me. I can end up feeling as though I am walking around in a daze wondering how I got here.

person feeling lost

I certainly didn’t plan to get divorced, to change my beliefs about the divine, or to watch my dad die from Covid. I didn't expect long-term friendships to disintegrate. Didn’t expect to move multiple times across the country or step into a relationship that came with a full-time family. Yet these are just a few of the things that have happened in the last few years. Each one left a complicated deposit of emotions to untangle and navigate – grief, shame, fear, anger, insecurity, regret. And each one shaped and informed how I now show up in life for myself and for others. There was a time I used to feel stuck – trapped by all the things I was going through and unable to move forward in my life. It took a lot of conscious effort to recover from my own past trauma, find my way through overwhelming depression, recover from an eating disorder, change careers, and walk friends and family into death. And although I was eventually able to overcome these issues, I still felt frozen in time with everything that had happened to me. It took me a long time to figure out how to get unstuck and move forward, but I finally did. You see, I have come to understand the important role the body plays in healing and growth. I have learned how my body has been working hard to protect me from everything I've been through. I have learned how my body remembers every part of my life’s journey – every sorrow, every joy, every grief, every pain. And most importantly, I have learned that when I invite my body into the healing process, incredible things can happen.

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Even though this work isn't new to me anymore, it is not without effort. It still requires something of me. I still have to show up for it and engage in it. And this is why I do what I do – not only because I am more committed than ever to my own journey, but also because I know how healing the process truly is for my clients, whose transformation I am honored to witness as I walk alongside them If you’re currently struggling with grief, anxiety, feelings of depression, or other challenges in life – I want you to know that you are not stuck forever. There is a path forward. And you don’t have to go through it alone. If you need someone to help you process these changes at your own pace, in a gentle, non-judgmental, and safe environment, let’s connect.

person smiling on a video call

In our first free call, you’ll have the opportunity to share your story with me and tell me about your goals. Together, we can make sure I’m the right fit to walk alongside you on your journey. No matter what you’re facing, I know your body holds the keys to healing. And here's the thing: even if you can't believe that for yourself right now, I can believe it for you. Sometimes we need the presence of a loving, supporting other to hold hope for us. We're in this together,



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