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Kindness: A Prerequisite To Courage And Healing

kindness and healing flower

Years ago, I read a quote that went something like this, "The degree to which we have the courage to face the truth of what we feel is the same degree to which we find healing."

I don't recall the exact words or even where I read them, but I have never forgotten the idea behind this passage and have found it to be true in my life over and over again. In my experience, having the courage to face the truth of what I feel always requires the presence of kindness — kindness toward myself and kindness from another. Without kindness, the truth I need to face in order to find healing is unbearable. Without extending kindness toward myself and receiving kindness from another, I'm not sure I would have been able to recover from some of the most painful experiences in my life.

kindness sign

Our society does not always value kindness. In fact, some might even view it as a weakness. But what if kindness was a prerequisite to your own courage and healing? Would that change anything for you? When you think about offering kindness toward yourself and receiving kindness from another, what comes up for you?

To be clear, I am not referring to being a doormat or allowing others to take advantage of you. Nor am I offering an excuse to bypass the need for effort and hard work. Rather, in this week's newsletter, I want to offer a different perspective on the process of healing, as well as the roles of both courage and kindness.

spreading kindness

I'd like to share a powerful poem by Palestinian American poet, Naomi Shihab Nye entitled, "Kindness." I invite you to read or listen to this meaningful poem and consider the role of kindness in your journey through a different lens.

I have additional resources available on my website to help guide you in emotional wellness, trauma recovery or grief support.

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In kindness and hope,



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