How I work

I believe in holistic and well-rounded journeys for each client. No two people are the same; therefore, no two healing paths are identical.


In our work together, I weave in and out of different modalities as we gently formulate a path towards healing and growth that is safe, supportive, and helpful for you.


Internal Family Systems (IFS), Polyvagal theory and somatic therapy are some of the methodologies that inform my work as a coach. Somatic work is a common thread of connection between these various methods.

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Somatic work is a primary tool I utilize in my practice as it connects us to our bodies.

Somatic simply means: of or relating to the body. Our bodies are wise. As we learn to speak and understand the language of our bodies, these valuable sources of wisdom are able to guide and support our healing journeys in profound ways. In our culture we have been socialized to prioritize our minds over our bodies. Somatic work aims to bring the mind and body back into balance and restore connection and communication between the two.

When we experience a painful, difficult or traumatic event, our fight, flight, freeze, or fawn responses are put on high alert.

This is precisely what our bodies are meant to do, and it is a good, healthy thing! However, if we do not process through these responses to the challenging situation or experience, these responses can be stored in our bodies. Essentially, they can get stuck or trapped. The fight, flight, freeze or fawn response can continue to play over and over, not allowing us to move on in our lives. This is why painful, difficult or traumatic events can affect us years later.


The same is true for emotions such as grief, shame, fear, anger, hurt, etc. Have you ever been in a situation when a wave of emotion surfaced out of nowhere that was disproportionate to the situation itself? Just like unprocessed trauma, unprocessed emotions can also get stuck or trapped in our bodies and continue to influence us many years later.


Somatic work can help us identity the emotion and begin to process the emotion so there can be closure.

Unresolved emotions, pain and trauma, can show up in our lives as depression, anxiety, fear, panic, insecurity, anger, etc. By incorporating somatic tools in our work together, we are inviting your own body into the healing process, thus enabling you to discover and unlock the responses and experiences stored in your body, allowing them to move through you, so their effect can be released and emotional wellness can be restored. It can be gradual work. But it can be life changing work.

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The body has been designed to renew itself through continuous self-correction.
The same principles also apply to the healing of the psyche, spirit, and soul.


– Peter A. Levine